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Sail Snorkel Party Catamaran Puerto Rico

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Dear day dreamer

15 September 2013

As the cat pushes out of the marina, the wind wraps in and around the boat. Filling in with the dreamed of sounds about us. The boat is a 51 foot Sailing catamaran built by then 35 year veteran sailor, Greg Korwek. At first coming from the North West, then South East, (due to the surrounding cliffs and hills) fluttering, the main sail was aloft. As she came out of the inlet/bay, your view was of a Caribbean scene, at once open ocean and as well littered with islands, small, and not so small. To capture a full NE trade wind, the Funcat rounded up to a Northerly heading. POPP! Out flys the foresail! With the terrain of the eastern coast of Puerto Rico on the port, and the smattering of islands to the Starboard, she cuddled in with the 15-20 knot consistent trades, for an hour sail out to one of those deserted islands.

Tune in next week for "Whats Next?!?"

Mink whale

26 September 2013

What?! What's out there?? As in slow motion, your imagination filters in a creaking sound as if inside a vast expanse of the universe, a long breach and exaggerated SPLAASHHH! A Minke whale between us and the land! Although a smaller breed, still very majestic as such a sight takes your breath away! Unfortunately, not many whales actually migrate thru and around PR anymore but, we witnessed at least one this day. This day on the sailing catamaran Funcat, has barely begun... Just close your eyes and continue dreaming.

But she is too gorgeous to scare

16 May 2014

Anchored in 3 feet of water on the shore of a deserted island, your wafting thoughts are of some story that you read a long time ago about some one purposely ship wrecking themselves to get away from the real world.
But this is no book...
After wadding into the shore, you just lazily drift around the corner of a coral out cropping. Just under the ledge, in 4 feet of water, 'what is that'? Something twitching? The antennae of a small caribbean lobster!? Lunch?!! But she is too gorgeous to scare, just watch her as she watches you.
Back on the beach for some sun rays, sub-consciencely you hear a crew member telling , about, ... deeper waters ... grass eating M...

Still only $69pp (plus taxes) for past 7 years

= $79.00pp total with all Government taxes and fees included when you meet our boat (at 9am) in the Caribbean at the Villa Marina dock D, city of Farjardo with your own transportation. For Direction.

Full Day 'Sail Snorkel Party' Catamaran FUN CAT trip includes:

  • Sailing to and Snorkeling at the Spanish Virgin Islands
  • No passport needed
  • White sandy beaches & snorkeling
  • Anchoring at exotic reefs
  • Snorkeling Equipment / lessons
  • Floats for non-swimmers
  • Picnic Lunch & Refreshments
  • Free Pirate's Rum Punch and Music Party on sailing home.

For the one hour sightseeing trip to our boats is only $30 round-trip. Let us know. We can help arrange transportation for you. You will experience over a one hour tour, seeing about one third of Puerto Rico's North/East Coast to the Caribbean sea, the city of Fajardo. The bus returns to San Juan at approximately 5pm

  • Shuttle departs San Juan area at around 8am and returns at approximately 5pm.
  • Passes the famous Rain Forest
  • Passes Luquillo Beach
  • No getting lost.
  • No missing the boat!

NOTE: With your own car or taxi could take you about 1,5 hours. Don't be late!

Sailing in the Caribbean Sea to an exotic island will be one of the most amazing adventures you will experience in Puerto Rico. You will enjoy snorkeling on our pristine reefs and relaxing on our catamaran FUN CAT.

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